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Vintage bags leather care

As a fashion brand, our task is to produce only high-quality products that can be used for years and to be responsible users of our planet’s resources. We want our customers to receive and take a good care of their new bag, therefore we ensure 1 year warranty.


Vegetable tanned leather is incredibly durable, eco-friendly and oldest form of leather tanning in the world. With proper care this kind of leather can last for decades. It is important to use proper care products, such as bees wax based leather balms or water-resistant sprays every few months. Apply chosen leather care product with lint-free cloth and rub it softly in circles.

It is recommended once a year to do full leather cleaning and remove any accumulated dirt, refresh and replenish the leather. Full leather cleaning could be done by using leather conditioner or leather cleaning kits.

Leather care products can be easily found online or at supermarket. It is important to have in mind, that all Berliner Bags products are made of smooth leather.

It is normal that leather has a specific smell. Sometimes new leather bag can have a stronger smell. This happens because leather is a natural product. In order to tackle this, you should hang your bag outside and air it. Regularly using your new bag also helps to remove unwanted smell. If this does not help, put folded paper or scented bag inside the bag and change it every few days until unwanted smell disappears.