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Berliner Bags story began in 2014, when company founder Kees finished his Business studies at University of Amsterdam. While being a student, Kees noticed that it was hard to find a durable yet fashionable vintage bag for work and leisure. This gave him an idea to start a fashion startup specializing in sustainable vintage design bags.

Kees is not only founder of Berliner Bags, but also chief design officer of the brand. He is constantly increasing his knowledge about bag’s design at various seminars in Germany. Additionally, Kees attended design courses in Italy where he learned about various designs from ex-Gucci employees.

As startup grows, the range of products expands. In early 2019 Berliner bags presented company’s first modern black leather collection.

Our mission

To provide high quality, durable and fashionable leather bags for a fair price.

Our vision

To become leading leather bags brand in Germany.

Fair business

We believe that by treating everyone fairly finally will result in high quality leather bags for our customers.

High quality and sustainable bags

Quality matters for us, therefore we use only high-quality materials to make our bags. For our producs we use vegetable tanned leather which is non-chemically treated and dye free and traditionally tanned leather which is softer and thinner. We use only best in class “YKK” and “OKK” zippers. Fittings are made from strong metal. All this ensures that you will use a bag for a long time.

Sustainability means for us durability of our products. We do not want you to buy new bag every 6 months. We want you to be able to use our products as long as possible. This will help you to have a positive impact to environment.

Warranty and return policy

Because of our passion and high standards, each product has 1 years warranty and  100 day return policy.


Each bag is manufactured for you with love and passion. We communicate closely with our team of highly qualified and experienced craftspeople. Every leather bag is made for you with meticulous craftsmanship, which results in each one of our bags having its own unique history imprinted on its leather.

Designed with Love  in Berlin

All our bags are designed locally in Berlin and are inspired by this city. Majority of our images are also made in Berlin by young and talented photographers.

Relationships with our customer

Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with our customers. We are striving our best to produce high quality leather bags and make our customers happy. We want our customers to remember “Berliner Bags” every time they need a new backpack, messenger bag, weekender or any other products

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Vegetable tanned leather (Vintage collection)

During the processing of our leather, we pay particular attention to maintaining high-quality standards. The leather is naturally tanned (the tanning process takes around 2 months) and is free of chrome. Due to this elaborate process, our entire range of bags are not only safe for the environment but also particularly friendly to the skin. Every piece of leather we use in our leather bags is selected for you with the utmost care. Subsequently, every bag is refined using natural oils, which gives its brown colour. The leather is firm and robust and this ensures that your new favorite bag will bring you plenty of joy for the longest time possible.

Note: Please note that colours may vary slightly. Our leather is naturally tanned, which can lead to the creation of small spots, scratches or stains, which will help endow your bag with its own unique charm.

Our leather products comes from India, Rajasthan.

Traditionally tanned leather (Black collection)

Traditionally tanned leather is more vibrant, it is possible to create more colorful and fashionable products using it. During vegetable tanning process it is possible to achieve mainly just brown colour or slight variations of it. As a result, with traditionally tanned leather there is almost no limitations for creativity and your bag can be any colour you want.