Spring is inspiring all of us for a change. To set new goals and achieve new highs, just like New Year’s resolutions! Everyone wants to start spring in their best shape and looks as possible. Some start with new diet, some with new clothes and accessories and just minority is happy with things as they are.

To start a new diet at spring when there are so many things to do and so little time and even less energy is truly hard. And sometimes it’s even a torture! We are living just one life so why should we be torturing ourselves? Of course, daily exercise is essential to feel great and it has significant impact to our well-being.

To feel the change in the spring you can also by buying new clothes and accessories. But before buying anything, it’s important to think about the environment. Do you really need that piece of clothes no accessories made of plastic materials? Do you really need to be chasing fashion, which is changing every season? Maybe it’s better to buy less but more valuable things?

Lastly, to feel truly comfortable in our own skin is important and by comparing yourself with others does not bring any joy to anybody’s life. Now we are living in this plastic world (literally, there is so much plastic everywhere!) and to be unique and have your own taste is truly inspiring! It’s OK not to be perfect!

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