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Traditionally tanned leather (Black collection)

Traditionally tanned leather is sometimes also called mineral (chromium) tanned leather. This leather tanning method was developed in 19th century. During this tanning method manufacturers are using mineral tanning agents.

Traditionally tanned leather is more vibrant, it is possible to create more colorful and fashionable products using it. During vegetable tanning process it is possible to achieve mainly just brown color and variations of it. As a result, with traditionally tanned leather there are almost no limitations for creativity and your bag can be any color you want. Also, traditionally tanned leather is thinner and softer compared with vegetable tanned leather.

For Black Berliner Bags collection, we use only premium leather and highest quality “OKK” zippers. “OKK” zippers are also used in other luxury brands like “Hugo Boss”, “Tummy” and many more. Nevertheless, we are handpicking all the leather to ensure the highest quality, we also designed specific zipper pullers made of metal with Berliner Bags logo to make Berliner Bags products look more luxurious, valuable and to stand out and shine in the crowd. Working directly with manufacturers, we strive to keep affordable prices for our clients and make these luxury bags affordable to everyone. Because everyone deserves to have a high quality and long-lasting bag!