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Vintage style leather (Brown collection)

Vegetable tanned leather

During  leather processing, we pay particular attention to maintaining high-quality standards. The leather we use for our products is naturally tanned and free of chrome. Due to this elaborate process, all our vintage style leather bags are not only safer choice for the environment but also particularly friendly to the skin. Every piece of leather we use in our leather bags is selected for you with the utmost care. Subsequently, every bag is refined using natural oils, which gives its brown colour. The leather is firm and robust and this ensures that your new favorite bag will bring you plenty of joy for the longest time possible.

Note: Please note that colours may vary slightly. Our leather is naturally tanned, which can lead to the creation of small spots, scratches or stains, which will help endow your bag with its own unique charm.

We use only best in class “YKK”” zippers. Fittings are made from strong metal. All this ensures that you will use a bag for a long time and you will not need to buy a new bag every few months.

Our leather products comes from India, Rajasthan.

Tanning process

The principle of vegetable tanning technique is used for more than six thousand years and its basic principal haven’t change since then.

After leather preparation stage, then all unwanted materials are removed form the skin/hide, tanning process occurs.

For leather tanning manufacturers are using natural materials such as oak, chestnut and mimosa. These plants contain special chemical materials called tannins. Tannins penetrate into the leather fibers and converts skin into stable material and preserves it.

For this process, skin has to be macerated into tanning liquor (made of plant-based materials such as oak) and this process takes about 40 days. Later, skin is dried is prepared for next stage.

After tanning process, leather is treated with natural oil, which gives beautiful brown colour and moisture it. This gives specific vintage look to the leather.

Environmental impact

Vegetable tanning technique is used for centuries. At that time, people had just natural materials. During tanning process, no harsh chemicals are produced and passed to drinking water or rivers. For tanning, manufacturers are using natural plant-based materials such as oak, chestnut and mimosa, which contain natural  materials called tannins. Tannins preserve and convert skin into stable material.

This process takes  about 40 days, because it takes more time for natural tanning process to occur. As a result, during this process no harsh chemical compounds are produced and no environmentally unfriendly materials such as chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, alkyl phenol ethoxylates and others are used.

For our production we use goat leather, which were grown for meat production. As a result, the whole animal is used in a sustainable way.

Due to this elaborate process, our entire range of bags are not only safe for the environment but also particularly friendly to the skin.