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Some people would say “why leather, there are many other materials”. But we think otherwise! Leather is a perfect material for your new bag or backpack! We’ll explain why!

Leather is what we do. We are a leather company and all our products are made of leather, which is a natural material that is soft, supple and flexible. Additionally, for interior lining, we also use a perfectly natural material – cotton – empowering our products to stand the test of time and remain friendly to the environment at all times.

Leather is bestowed with special qualities that make it stand apart from a large number of fabrics and synthetic materials. It is a more sustainable and durable material that can be used for decades with proper maintenance. And unlike non-biodegradable artificial leather, which highly contributes to the fast fashion that ends up in landfills every season thereby causing all sorts of pollution to the environment – with smart design, genuine natural leather can be optimized to craft functional, comfortable, aesthetic, and long-lasting eco-friendly products without breaking the bank.

At Berliner Bags we believe our customers should buy one durable bag rather than buy a new bag every other season. After all, it’s imperative to be conscious consumers!
Given that our products are natural based, after they become unfit for further usage, you shouldn’t be so worried about environmental impact. This is because leather is an eco-sustainable material that doesn’t put pressure on the natural atmosphere – it naturally biodegrades without causing any harmful pollution.

All Berliner Bags leather products are made in India.