Vintage Collection

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Find your forever bag!

In a pursuit for environment-friendly, hypoallergenic bags – vegetable leather tanning is the primary leather production technique used at Berliner Bags. The production process is based on the use of organic/natural vegetable tannins such as bark extracts from Babul tree. For this reason, the leather we use remains a noble and safe product of nature.

During the leather processing phase, we pay particular attention to high-quality standards to ensure that the surface is breathable, feels warm & supple – and is free of carcinogenic or allergenic chemicals. Due to this elaborate process, our eco-friendly vintage style leather collection entails distinctive pieces with an individual one-of-a-kind finish and touch.

NOTE: Please note that colours may vary slightly. Leather is a natural element with analogous characteristics akin to our skin. Slight irregularities in colour and structure are based on the naturalness of leather and are a typical quality feature.

To complement the look, fashion, and uniqueness of our vintage style leather collection; we have fitted every vintage style bag with durable β€œYKK” zippers. All this is to ensure that you use your bag for a long period without having to buy a new bag every few months.
Tanning process Tanning process
Vegetable tanning is a classical craft process that has been in use for more than six thousand years and, still, today is a common technique handed down from one generation to another using both ancient recipes and state-of-the-art technology. After the leather preparation stage, all unwanted materials are removed from the skin/hide and the tanning process begins. Using natural materials such as oak, chestnut and mimosa – leather manufacturers transform raw hides into beautiful leather with a rich and natural characteristic. Essentially, the basic principle of vegetable tanning is based on the use of natural tannins to create leather that lasts longer, leather that never cracks or dries up, but rather matures and develops a patina, facilitating leather products that get better with age. Tannins penetrate the leather fibers and convert the hides into stable materials of high durability and strength. The process takes about 40 days for which the skin has to be macerated into tanning liquor made of plant-based materials such as oak. Later, the skin is dried and prepared for the next stage. The final finishing is then exclusively made with natural oil to moisturize the leather and further highlight its genuine aesthetic. This gives the beautiful brown colour and the specific vintage look to the leather.
Environmental impact environmental impact
Sustainability is deeply embedded within Berliner-Bags culture and we are committed to enhancing our efforts within the environmental field in accordance with international standards. Used since the Egyptian and Roman eras, vegetable tanning technique has been practiced for centuries. It uses tannins from plant-based materials such as Babul tree hence has very minimal negative environmental impact. During the production process, no harsh chemicals are released to the environment or passed to humans and water catchment areas. This is because the tanning process is 100% natural meaning no eco-destructive chemical compounds such as chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and alkyl phenol ethoxylates are produced. As a result, our entire range of bags is not only safe for the environment but also particularly friendly to the skin. The leather we use is a byproduct of the meat industry that’s simply a leftover and in using it we are preventing waste that could probably end up being hazardous to humans and the environment through the awful strong smell associated with its decay. Lastly, by choosing our vintage style bag you are saying no to fast fashion which often ends up as landfill. This is because leather products that have been vegetable tanned are not only long-lasting but they can also be recycled.