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Berliner Bags Story

From European mainland, Berliner Bags story dates back to the year 2014 when its founder Kees completed his Business studies at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. While still a student, Kees noticed a gap in the market and realized how difficult it was to find a durable yet affordable & fashionable vintage bag for work and leisure. This motivated Kees and gave him an idea to launch a fashion startup specializing in leather bags.

“We want to make Slow Fasion accesible to all. Our goal is to empower consumers to make more environmentally-friendly choices by investing in simple yet stylish pieces that will stand the test of time.”

Founder, Kees

Our Philosophy

Our mission

Provide our customers with a distinctive line of high quality, durable and fashionable leather bags at a fair price.

Our vision

To become a market leading and Berlin associated fashion brand.

Fair Business

We strongly believe that treating everyone fairly will ultimately culminate in high-quality leather bags for our customers.

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