Our Story

From European mainland, Berliner Bags story dates back to the year 2014 when its founder Kees completed his Business studies at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. While still a student, Kees noticed a gap in the market and realized how difficult it was to find a durable yet affordable & fashionable vintage bag for work and leisure. This motivated Kees and gave him an idea to launch a fashion startup specializing in leather bags.

With a strong affinity for design and creativity, Kees deepened his skills attending design courses in Italy and learning about various designs from ex-Gucci employees. He nurtured Berliner bags from just an idea into a fully-fledged concept that has continued to blossom under his stewardship. He serves as the chief design officer for the brand.

Innovative, shrewd, and progressive, Berliner Bags presented the company’s first modern black leather collection in the early months of 2019.

We aim to craft pieces that are modern yet timeless. And thanks to the artisanal nature of our processes and the full-grain and vegetable-tanned leather we exclusively use, Berliner Bags merchandise will certainly stand the test of time.

Our Philosophy

Our mission
Provide our customers with a distinctive line of high quality, durable and fashionable leather bags at a fair price.

Our vision
To become a market leading and Berlin associated fashion brand.

Fair business
We strongly believe that treating everyone fairly will ultimately culminate in high-quality leather bags for our customers.


Our Promises

Warranty and return policy

We guarantee every Leather bag against material and workmanship defect for 1 year. And if your purchase does not live up to your expectation, you are entitled to a 100-day return policy after receiving your bag.

Each bag is manufactured for you with love and enthusiasm. Our teams of highly meticulous and experienced artisans hand-forge each piece using the best methods they know focusing on the smallest detail such that you can feel their skill in every bag.

Designed with love in Berlin
Hand-fashioned by qualified and profoundly talented craftsmen, all of our bags are designed locally in Berlin and are inspired by this great city. Most of our images are additionally made in Berlin by youthful and skilled photographers.

Why Leather?

Some people would say “why leather, there are many other materials”. But we think otherwise! Leather is a perfect material for your new bag or backpack! We’ll explain why!

Leather is what we do. We are a leather company and all our products are made of leather, which is a natural material that is soft, supple and flexible. Additionally, for interior lining, we also use a perfectly natural material – cotton – empowering our products to stand the test of time and remain friendly to the environment at all times.

Leather is bestowed with special qualities that make it stand apart from a large number of fabrics and synthetic materials. It is a more sustainable and durable material that can be used for decades with proper maintenance. And unlike non-biodegradable artificial leather, which highly contributes to the fast fashion that ends up in landfills every season thereby causing all sorts of pollution to the environment – with smart design, genuine natural leather can be optimized to craft functional, comfortable, aesthetic, and long-lasting eco-friendly products without breaking the bank.

At Berliner Bags we believe our customers should buy one durable bag rather than buy a new bag every other season. After all, it’s imperative to be conscious consumers!

Given that our products are natural based, after they become unfit for further usage, you shouldn’t be so worried about environmental impact. This is because leather is an eco-sustainable material that doesn’t put pressure on the natural atmosphere – it naturally biodegrades without causing any harmful pollution.

All Berliner Bags leather products are made in India.

Slow Fashion Brand

Leather goods can last for generations and our goal is to design and produce products for quality and longevity – bags which can be used for decades.

Our company creates bags that radiate boldness through distinctiveness and sleek minimalism. We aim to create and design products that are functional, timeless, fair, and eco-friendly; and we strive to do it the right way – without a compromise on style. Comfort, practicality, and design are some of the key aspects we put into consideration while crafting our bags using high-grade materials such as top quality ‘OKK” & “YKK” zippers. We’ve also mastered an artisanal and eco-friendly process of tanning leather using organic tannins to give rise to natural and superior vegetable-tanned and full-grain leather that we use to handcraft each of our bags and products.

Slow fashion is all about quality over quantity. We as a company feel that we can make a difference. We believe that less is more. We prefer to have fewer bag models, fewer collections, but have them in higher quality. We feel that fashion trends that change every 3 months are outdated and an environmental hazard. We strongly believe that the sustainable way to shop is to build your wardrobe with timeless staples that you’ll use season after season, rather than loading your cart with trendy pieces that disintegrate even before you wear them twice.

We fully concur with Jean Paul Gaultier and his ideas. We think it is ridiculous to have a lot of designs/models. More, more, and more: it becomes more about EGO, rather than about products.


Relationships with Customers

While we are committed to quality and creativity, customer responsibility is increasingly recognized as yet another fundamental value at Berliner Bags.

Relationships with our customers have always been at the center of our business. Customers come first in everything our company does, and all our products are destined for them. Our goal is to meet our customer’s every need and create a long-term relationship with each one of our customers.

We are regularly on the lookout to establish priorities for action and adopt modern solutions that will help us to continuously produce high-quality leather bags and make our customers happy. We want our customers to remember “Berliner Bags” every time they need a new backpack, messenger bag, weekender or any other products.

Thank you very much for being our customer. If you are happy, we are happy – and that’s an essential part of our mission and operating philosophy.

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